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Authentic Alleyways

A 2.5 hour tour that will take you through some of the residential areas of the medina to go shoulder to shoulder with Marrakechi’s and choose the things that they would eat.


2.5 hours

a generous meal!


Authentic Alleyways of Marrakech

Do you consider yourself a real foodie? Like the idea of rubbing elbows with locals sitting at low tables, digging in to their breakfast has you setting your alarm to wake up and make sure you don’t miss it?

If you’re tired of tagines and you think you know everything there is to know about street food in Marrakech, this is the challenge for you. We’ve made this tour shorter, hitting the highlights that you don’t know about.

This tour is for those who are not looking for a fork and knife at every stop, you’re willing to slide up on a stool and eat right off a charcoal grill, and most of all you want to walk away feeling full and accomplished.

If you’re a return visitor and you’ve mastered our street food tour, this is round two where we take things up a notch!

What's Included?

Fully licensed Moroccan guide

Dietary Restrictions

We are unable to make full substitutions at many of these stops and is best for people who are open and able to try a wide range of foods (at this time).

Important Notes

We will be walking in an active market area where there are people conducting every day life. Wear good shoes for walking and an open mind about what you will be trying. This tour is specifically designed to take you even further beyond our regular street food tours to find the hidden foods that every day people eat. We keep these groups even smaller, at 6 people and we don’t recommend this tour for kids – it’s best for those 12 and older.