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Snacks and Shopping Tour

Do you want to hit the streets of Marrakech to do some shopping but would prefer the company – and navigation skills – of a licensed guide? With this private Marrakech Snacks & Shopping tour we’ll help you do just that and stop for local snacks along the way.

From $150 USD

4 Hours


2 People

Shop And Eat Your Way Through The Medina

If the idea of trying to shop in the medina of Marrakech is intimidating for you, we’ve got a solution! With this tour, you’ll be accompanied by a licensed guide who can help you navigate and find the items on your shopping bucket list.

To make it even better, we’ll make sure you don’t get hungry (or thirsty!).

All tours are based on personal tastes so there’s no set menu, our skilled guides know where to find great options and they’ll make sure to make snack stops throughout the tour.

What's Included?

The tour is approximately 4 hours

Dietary Restrictions

This tour is suitable for all dietary preferences as you’ll be choosing your own snacks throughout the experience.

Important Notes

If there are specific items that you hope to see when on your tour please let us know in advance. We can then either assign a guide who has a particular expertise in this area, suggest the best time and make sure you visit some of our favorite shops.

The pricing for this tour is based on a maximum of 6 guests.